Do you want to break into the Russian fashion market?

About the tradefair

FASHION INDUSTRY International Tradefair is the major trade exhibition in its field in St Petersburg area and is one of the leading b2b platforms for fashion specialists in Russia. It continually goes in Saint Petersburg since 1993 twice a year. Since 2004 the Tradefair is an UFI approved event.

Nearest events planned to be on 1-4 March 2018.

During the coming exhibition we expect like the last expo over 300 exhibitors from Russia, CIS countries, Baltic States, Europe and Asia. Visitors of the Tradefair are over 10 000 fashion specialists.

Foreign exhibitors get special extra support from our International department and PR department. We also work together in this field with St Petersburg Buyer Club, Governmental Agencies and mass media partners.

FASHION INDUSTRY has an extended promotion campaign in all national and regional newspapers, special advertising programs and a close cooperation with the Saint Petersburg Administration authority regarding press promotion.

In frames of intensive Business Programme the exhibition will host a Fashion Congress with presentations regarding the latest market developments, Generation NEXT competition for young designers, Fashion Job Fair and Business Consultating service as well as Daily Catwalks of newest collection at the main podium. 

Exposition structure

  • Ready-to-wear
  • Lingerie and Swimwear
  • Outwear
  • Leather and fur
  • Shoes and bags
  • Accessories
  • Home textile
  • Equipment
  • Fabrics and fittings

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Arsen Oganyan, Sales Director, “Bolshoi Gostinyi Dvor” (St. Petersburg) :
– Specialized conference “Saint-Petersburg as the center of industry of fashion” was extremely useful for me. I did not notice any modern technologies, but the most important thing was to listen opinions of participants and experts about industry’s development. Every person live to learn all the time. That is why I am trying to exchange experience with colleagues and use it on practice after all.

Dilmuhamed Abizov, Director, “Dalatex” company (Kazakhstan) :
– Our company Dalatex is a young interprise, it was fond one year ago. It is our first visit in St.Petersburg, the main aim is to become acquainted with the market. Our goal is to increase production, and it is impossible without distribution channels. We consider Russia as a potential market. Our company is ready to supply production for big trade chains under their names. And it was our main “message” at the Fashion Industry exhibition. I guess, the only problem for buyers in North-West region of Russia is an absence of our company in the country. But we actually do not see it as a problem. The common economic space let us deliver our production to all regions of Russia without any problem.

Ntalia Belyakova, Commerce Director , “Moscovskyi Department Store” (St. Petersburg):
– Participants of Economic Forum of fashion industry are specialists with great practical experience in different directions of branch. It is very important because you always have to look at the whole cycle of enterprise from different points of view. I am very interested in fashion catwalks and exposition with ready-made garments as a representative of fashion-retail. We are ready to promote brands with high-quality of products, all they need is to express themselves.

Svetlana Kordeluk, the Head of marketing and sales department, KIARA collection (Brest, Belorussia):
– It is very unusual experience for our company. Company is a permanent exhibitor at Moscow Trade Fairs, but St.Petersburg has totally different style. People want to see absolutely different collections. Fashion Industry exhibition helps us to understand better the demand of buyers and retailers in this region. During this show we attract new potential clients. Of course everybody always want to find more and more buyers. But it is our first experience at the market of North-West region of Russia and I hope that all contacts which we got here will outgrow to long-term cooperation and after out network of wholesalers will become bigger.

Asya Kogel, KOGEL Fashion House (St. Petersburg):
– There were so many different speakers at the conference- representatives of enterprises, retail, press and etc. That is why you understand it straight away- it worth to visit this event. You can also meet government representatives as well. It is very important that nowadays the Committee of business support of St. Petersburg gathers together with representative of real enterprises and helps them in marketing and development at the apparel market. We discuss important problems and realize very interesting projects. And Fashion industry exhibition helps us a lot.

Evgeniya Drozdova, General Manger, Royal Elegance (St. Petersburg):
– Our company produces models in medium-plus segment. All garments are sewed off at our partners in Russia. We only buy our raw materials in Europe. Our Company participate the Fashion Industry exhibition to find partners in St. Petersburg. For the moment we sell our collections in Moscow only, and it is time to express ourselves in St. Petersburg. Public here is more strict and demanding. Moscow is a capital city and a center, and those buyers who don’t visit foreign show usually come here. People in St. Petersburg are more Europe-oriented. Fashion Industry exhibition has become a great experience for us. We were pleasantly surprised when we found ways of business cooperation with another exhibitors.

TM Ricardo, Turkey:
– It was our first time at the Fashion Industry exhibition in St.Petersburg. Our brand is well-known in many countries. We wanted to represent it in Russia as well. St. Petersburg is a special city, public is more demanding than in other regions of country. And that is way we are extrimly happy that clients from here found our product as a high-quality garments.

Kira Maisheva and Saulem Djamil, General Managers, TM Pentatonika (Kazakhstan):
– It was a spontaneous decision to participate at the Fashion Industry exhibition. We had no difficulties with organization our first exhibition experience. Why did we decide to participate at the Fair? Well, our Brand is a well-known in Kazakhstan, now we want to work with Russian market as well. We were wondering the working process with buyers, what quantity they are interested in, how do they work etc. We also found out customers’ opinions and got information which is going to be helpful in the future for our manufacturing.